Summer Reservations

A message from Cookie:

Steve and Cookie’s is turning 23 this year! 

With the 2020 summer season quickly approaching we are still going strong and for that we have all of you to thank! 

We are so happy you want to spend your summer with us and we genuinely look forward to seeing everybody. We all know how chaotic the Summer Season can get so we have put some rules in place to make this a little easier and clearer for everyone. 


The start date for reservations is TBD.

We will keep you informed here and on our social media as soon as we pick a date.

  • The max amount of reservations one person can make on the first day is 10 (so make sure you choose wisely!)

       We do want to see your beautiful faces as much as possible, but also want to give other eager diners an opportunity to get their share of

blueberry pie and tomato salad!!

       If there are still reservations you want to make you can either check Resy the next day or call/come back to the restaurant the next day to check availability

  • We are unable to take any reservations larger than 8 at any time on any date 

       (we’re really trying to cut down on that 8:30 rush hour traffic at the host desk!)

  • The limit for reservations is one per party per night (i.e. if Sue Smith has a reservation for 4 people at 6pm on 7/27, she will not be permitted to make another reservation on 7/27)

  • We cannot guarantee any type of seating request (i.e. specific room, table, being seated next to another party). 

  • Credit cards will be taken for every reservation 

  • We ask everyone to make any changes to their reservations by 2pm the day of their reservation. Failing to cancel your reservation is considered a no show and you will be charged $50/ per person. More than one no show will result in all upcoming reservations being cancelled. 

  • Your table will be held for up to 15 minutes past the time of your reservation.

Our end goal with this policy is to give us the opportunity to give you the best possible dining experience. 

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Margate, NJ  08402


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