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The Challenge. HERO bars and restaurants will create non-alcoholic drinks
to compete for the title of Outstanding HEROtini® Mocktail.

Voting. During the summer, the public will vote for their favorite HERO
drink and bartender via texting 51555 or at

Text DOCTOR to 51555 to vote for

Steve & Cookie's
Just What the
Doctor Ordered

as the best HERO mocktail

Text BAKER to 51555
to vote for Jon as the best HERO Bartender

Winners. The top 10 biggest vote getters will advance to the Finals on
September 14, 2017 at Stockton Seaview Hotel & Golf Club where celebrity
judges will select the Best HEROtini® Mocktail, Mocktail Drink Name,
HEROtini® Bartender, and HERO establishment.

For More Information. info@HEROcampaign.org609.626.3880

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